My name is Colton Kemp and this is CKI

What is CKI

CKI stands for “Colton Kemp Innovations”. It is a space for displaying projects and DIY tutorials for interests important to me. I grew up with a goal of becoming an entrepreneur and inventor, and after years of relying on school to help me, I’m taking making into my own hands. The goal is to help others get past the hurdles I struggled with and the difficulties ahead as I continue to learn. I will be posting here, on Instragram, and YouTube information related to both Technology and Taekwondo.

Technology: My professors were scientists and not teachers. I have spent hours figuring out why something made sense, feeling school promoted rote memorization. As I’m learning, I want to simplify technology for others while I’m struggle through.

Martial Arts: Fitness is crucial to being happy and healthy. CKI is serves as a guide for others getting started in Taekwondo. It also serves as a reminder for experienced practcitioners.

Who am I

I am an engineering graduate and a Taekwondo master. After my 2 undergraduate degrees in engineering, I still felt I hadn’t learned how to really make anything. Theoretical calculations aren’t enough. Taking a step away from academia, I’ve wanted to learn to be a maker. Many of my passions lie outside of the classroom, and without anywhere else to go I have to start learning on my own.

You might be asking, why have both martial arts and Taekwondo? Because education and fitness are important to me and I’m getting started.

CKI MAKERspace (@cki-labs)

CKI MAKERspace serves as a go-to location for all DIY projects. While posting my own projects, I want to make projects easier for others. I will be making a majority of my files available for other people to work with online as I feel that Open Source projects are a cornerstone to backyard development and small businesses.

Where to look? Watch out for the blog posts and the MAKERspace page. I will post the core links there.

CKI FITness (@cki-fit)

CKI MAKERspace serves as a go-to location for tips on your fitness journey and especially Taekwondo. We don’t all come from the same schools and backgrounds. In my 18 years of Taekwondo, I have had a hard time finding good information for Taekwondo Forms all in one place. There are many different styles and many different forms. For my last exam, I had over 40 forms to complete but no one channel has them all listed together. We’re going to change that. A list of common Taekwondo forms, techniques, and tips will be put up here, on Instragram, and on YouTube as tutorials. I’m always looking for feedback to help the best that I can.

Where to look? Watch out for the blog posts and the FITness page. I will post crucial links there.